Church Concerns Committee

Jerralyne Guichard-Coordinator

Members: Ronika Kennerly, Theodore Johnson, Shawntriss Simms, Yvonne and Reginald Logan, Margaret Queen, Crista High, Marilyn Taylor, Kenny Jones


Church Concerns

Budget Committee

Ronika Kennerly-Chairperson

Members: Marilyn Taylor, Dartanya Hill II


Theodore Johnson-Chairperson

Ushers: Mary Allen, Richard Bingham, Wanda Dickerson, Jacqueline Hamilton, Stacey Lester, Brenda Martin, Spencer James

Decorations Committee

Shawntriss Simms-Chairperson

Members: Ronika Kennerly, Shewanna James

Kitchen Committee

Yvonne Logan-Coordinator

Members: Reginald Logan, Latonya Bacon, Stacey Lester, Lowana Silver, James “Butch” Mimmes, Brenda Martin

Publicity Chairperson

Marilyn Taylor


Kenny Jones-Coordinator

Member at Large

Margaret Queen



Minister of Education

Dr. Deonte Hollowell

Sunday School

William T. Simpson-Director

LNB Scholarship

Shawntriss Simms-Coordinator

Vacation Bible School

Jarrell and Lavetra Hill-Coordinators

Creative Ministries

Crista High-Coordinator

Missions Ministry


Women in Red


Women on a Mission



Lawana White-Chairperson

Members: Meta Hill, Brenda Martin, Waddell Hill, Crista High, Johnny Dunn


Music Department

Pastor Hill-Acting Minister of Music

Next Generation Choir: Jarrell Hill, Lavetra Hill, Toshia West

Mass Choir: Dartanya Hill II, Tura Jones, Shewanna James, Waddell Hill, Lavetra Hill, Jarrell Hill, Shawn Simms, Crista High, Philip Williams, Adele Woods, Johnny Dunn

Mighty Men Choir: Waddell Hill, Spencer Scott, Donald Shed, Spencer James, Tilford Wilcoxson, Robert Dickerson, Johnny Dunn, Jeremiah Martin, James “Butch” Mimmes, Phillip Williams, Jarrell Hill, Dartanya Hill II


Children’s Ministry

Erica Jones-Director

Workers: Denise Mitchell, Michelle Martin, Jacqueline Hamilton, Latoshia West, Jeremiah Martin


Youth Ministry

Jarrell Hill-Director

Sharon Brooks-Assistant

Youth Council Members: Dartanya S. Hill II, Rashad Williams, Jeannette Hamilton, Velvet McKinely

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